An artist whose current interests include imperfection, access, learning and structure, and how art and music can create spaces that remove barriers and make new forms of normal.

Uses painting, drawing, writing, music and interaction to try and draw these ideas together.

Currently an artist on the Conditions Studio Programme in Croydon, alongside working for the learning disability arts organisation Heart n Soul as their Creative Associate. Is the founder and director of not-for-profit organisation Constant Flux, wrote the DIY as Privilege manifesto, and plays in several punk bands.

Please get in contact if you have any questions, ideas or collaborations you want to talk about.

‘After The Artists Talk’
Oil on drum

Audio ︎ 'Mind The Doors!’ by Michael.

Produced by Lindsay Corstophine at Do Your Own Thing.

Installation shots from ‘In A Small Room Very Loudly’ Group show at Conditions:

Oil on board

Audio ︎ 'Other Care’ / ‘Or Care’


‘Chair and the Helping Hands’
Oil on seven plywood cut outs with tape
159cm x 173cm

The Chair:



‘Group Portrait with Questions’
Oil on linen and three cut-outs on plywood

A combined group portrait reflecting on a year working alongside Could Be Good and 4 individuals in a supported studio environment on the Never Bored residency and two events with the Tate Schools and Teachers department. Consisting of - 

‘When was 2001?’
Oil on Linen
67cm x 77cm

‘Between act & act’
Oil on three cut-outs on plywood
Various sizes
‘Island II’
Oil on cut-out mdf board
26cm x 40cm