An artist whose current interests include imperfection, access, learning and structure, and how art and music can create spaces that remove barriers and make new forms of normal.

Uses painting, drawing, writing, music and interaction to try and draw these ideas together.

Currently on the Conditions Studio Programme in Croydon, alongside working for the learning disability arts organisation Heart n Soul as their Associate Artist. Is the founder and director of not-for-profit organisation Constant Flux, wrote the DIY as Privilege manifesto, and plays in several punk bands.

Please get in contact if you have any questions, ideas or collaborations you want to talk about.

‘I made them drink grapefruit juice and listen to The Clown’ (diptych)
Oil on canvas

Audio ︎ 'The Clown’ by Charles Mingus.



‘Satellite Studio’

Shown at The V&A Tapestry Galleries - 26th April 2019

Satellite Studio is a virtual reality artwork produced by Conditions.

The Tapestry gallery was mapped onto the Conditions warehouse providing a space for different artworks and interventions.

Including a live-stream from the Croydon studio and objects made by Conditions artists, the piece aims to look at the relationship and cultural exchange between independent art spaces and the institution. Whilst bringing nothing physical into the space a virtual exhibition unfolds. Unlike objects within the museum these objects can be ‘touched’ and manipulated - but with the distance of digital technology.

This experience was also shown on video screens / projections to the wider audience.

VR production: Durril Weller
Concept: Durril Weller & Richard Phoenix
Co-ordinators: Cecelia Johnson & Conditions

Work contributed by:
Vasiliki Antonopoulou, Denise Padron Benitez, Helena de Pulford, Andrew Farley, Cecelia Johnson, Jen O’Farrell, Janette Parris, Richard Phoenix , Felix Riemann, David Panos, Phoebe Stubbs, Monica Tolia and Durril Weller.

Install at V&A Tapestry Room:

‘Don’t Fall Over’
Oil on cut-out plywood

Made in response to leading a Tate Teachers Day with artist Aysen Aktu. 22 teachers working in Special Educational Needs settings attended the day. Our work was made to demonstrate a part of the day Aysen named ‘Don’t Fall Over’. We installed the work against a Henry Moore piece so we could talk about the themes and ideas we were trying to communicate.

Install at Tate Britain with Aysen Aktu:

Oil on linen

Audio ︎ 'Jealous’ by Danielle.

Produced by Richard Phoenix at Do Your Own Thing.

‘After The Artists Talk’
Oil on drum
Audio ︎ 'Mind The Doors!’ by Michael.

Produced by Lindsay Corstophine at Do Your Own Thing.

Installation shots from ‘In A Small Room Very Loudly’ Group show at Conditions: