Richard is an artist with interests in accessibility, inclusion and imperfection and how art and music can intersect these points, remove barriers and make new forms of normal that include rather than exclude.

Using painting, drawing, music and interaction he works with communities and on his own to try and draw these disparate ideas together.

His most recent series of paintings, Astigmatism: Sight Paintings, are part of a wider documentary project made without the aid of lenses, which he wears to correct defective eyesight. The process forced a new way of looking that freely engaged with imperfection and embracing a positive conception of disability.

Richard also works for the learning disability arts organisation Heart n Soul as their creative associate, and is the founder and director of not-for-profit organisation Constant Flux, and he plays in several punk bands.

Please get in contact about collaborations, commissions or projects.
Photo by Christopher Murphy

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DIY as Privilege (2018) - Pamphlet for Goldsmiths Fringe & Underground Music Group

Removing barriers for disabled musicians and gig-goers (2017) - Interview with iD Magazine.

Constant Flux Interview (2016) - Interview with Artist and activist Matthew Kennedy.

Distractions (2015) - Lyrics & Poem 'Paul'

SoundLab Guide (2015) - Co-authored best practice guide for inclusive music technology project 'SoundLab'

Musicality in SoundLab (2015) - Article for Nesta for inclusive music technology project 'SoundLab'

The Fish Police: punk, autism and breaking down boundaries (2014) - Article written for the Guardian music blog

Constant Flux: Punk without Prejudice (2014) - Interview for Huck Magazine's 'Why I do what I do'

Fragments On Machines (2013) - Text for short film by Emma Charles. Written in collaboration with Jen Calleja

Dreamlands (2012) - Lyrics