Our Own Thing

This is the Creative Evaluation of a project between Heart n Soul working in partnership with LSO discovery. It was called "Our Own Thing" and evolved over about six months. We had big ambitions to have as many young people involved in the event as we could and not be limited to just music, we wanted to show what Do Your Own Thing is all about.
We did this by mixing visual arts with music and it had a big influence on what was made. It meant we could find new ways of working that brought the best out in people. From Danielle’s piece, “We Did Some Gardening” which started out as a visual score, to Aysen conducting LSO musicians with her “Colour Magic” live drawing, to Samir animating his song-story for his performance, the art and music on the night were as important as each other.
As the music and event took on many unconventional and interesting routes to becoming what it was, including loads of visual art we thought we would make the evaluation as visual, bright and interesting as possible - so everyone involved could get something out of the evaluation, young people and the organisations involved!
Attached are PDFs of the publications created from the work produced by the event - Visual scores created by the young people and the audience's responses to the music on the nightLyrics, visual scores and the LSO scores and how they had to adapt to work together with the way the young people worked and performed.Quotes, statistics and information about what happened and who was involvedThe digital live drawing that took place on the night and informed many of the performances. You can also see photos of the night and hear a radio documentary.