Lilac - Arch

  1. Arch 05:50
  2. Piano Machine #1 01:42
  3. Vitte 02:14
  4. Vica 01:46
  5. Ettiv 02:42
  6. Piano Machine #2.5 00:43
  7. Deaths 09:10

'Lilac soundtracks the twelfth gateway into Nervous Energy's aural transmission with a collection of graceful audio arrangements. "Arch" presents drones which sway in and out of time with the urban algorithm; dipping and diving aside harsh dynamics and tender interludes. Lilac's piano tracks tease the mind into analysis of their compositional formations, riding a fine line between generative structuring and masterful improv. This collection crafts a hybrid palette of scenic situations through the diversity of its sonic narrative."Arch" and "Deaths" signpost the front and rear of its ineffable acoustic architecture, marking the beginning and end through their semantic and audible polarities. The tape is a blissful peep hole into the musical workings of Richard Phoenix's diverse artistic practice.'
- Louis

Released February 2, 2018

Recorded by Richard Phoenix in 2017 in Peckham & Brixton
Artwork by Ben Connors
Nervous Energy 012

Available here.