Sauna Youth

An ongoing music & art project / punk band based in London. With Christopher Murphy, Jen Calleja and Lindsay Corstorphine. I play drums and sing whilst also being involved in the recording, production & design of our releases. Recently released the third and final installment of a trilogy of LPs, called “DEATHS”.


DEATHS LP/CD Upset The Rhythm
THE BRIDGE 7" Upset The Rhythm
MONOTONY 12" (as 'Monotony') Faux Discx
TRANSMITTERS split 7" Upset The Rhythm
MONOTONY Cassette (as 'Monotony') Comfortable on a Tightrope
False Jesii pt II / Oh Joel 7" Static Shock Records
DREAMLANDS 12" - Faux Discx / Gringo Records
Marshall Teller 8-way split 7" - Marshall Teller Records
PVI008 4-way split 7" - Paradise Vendors Inc.
MAGENTA split 7" - Faux Discx
DISTRACTIONS II Cassette - Self released
PLANET SOUNDS Cassette - Self released
LISTS 7" - Self released
MAD MIND Cassette - Suplex Cassettes
YOUTH 7" - Self released
DISTRACTIONS I Cassette - Self released
DEMO Cassette - Self released


“NO PERSONAL SPACE” // Video by Richard Phoenix
“LEATHER” // Video by Chris Smith (It’s Nice That feature)
“THE BRIDGE” // Video by Maria Tedemalm
"TRANSMITTERS" // Video by Gary McQuiggan
"CREEPING" // Live Video from Marc Riley's 'All Shook Up'
"MONOTONY by Monotony" // Live Video from Marc Riley's 'All Shook Up'
"BONE LAWN" // Video by Boon
"MILD MILD HORSES" // Video by Boon
"DELTA CAPS" // Video by Dan Reeves
"SUMMER" // Film by Boon
"DES ANIMAUX" // Video by Pines
"Live In Hawaii" // Tour Film by Pines
"Gone Upcountry" // Tour Film by Pines
"FOMO" // Video by Pines


DREAMLANDS - 18 Hewett Street Gallery, Shoreditch
Work produced in response to the 12" of the same name. Featuring work from - Oliver FIsher, R.M. Phoenix, Tom Stokes, Bobby Krlic, Owen Richards, Sauna Youth, Richard Phoenix, Cold Pumas

MY GOLD'S BANGLA - Basement Gallery, Brighton
300 red rubber bands all individually tagged and labelled with dates, words, phrases, memories, locations, cryptic allusions, precise observations, relevant or completely irrelevant information associated with that red rubber band.

LISTS - Magnum Opus, Brighton
Screenprints produced in response to the 7" of the same name. Featuring work from - Will Exley, Lucy Jones, R.M. Phoenix, Dan Reeves, James Hines, Cheska Hill, We Three Club, Chris Pell, Alicia Raitt