DIY as Privilege (2018) - Pamphlet for Goldsmiths Fringe & Underground Music Group

Removing barriers for disabled musicians and gig-goers (2017) - Interview with iD Magazine.

Constant Flux Interview (2016) - Interview with Artist and activist Matthew Kennedy.

Distractions (2015) - Lyrics & Poem 'Paul'

SoundLab Guide (2015) - Co-authored best practice guide for inclusive music technology project 'SoundLab'

Musicality in SoundLab (2015) - Article for Nesta for inclusive music technology project 'SoundLab'

The Fish Police: punk, autism and breaking down boundaries (2014) - Article written for the Guardian music blog

Constant Flux: Punk without Prejudice (2014) - Interview for Huck Magazine's 'Why I do what I do'

Fragments On Machines (2013) - Text for short film by Emma Charles. Written in collaboration with Jen Calleja

Dreamlands (2012) - Lyrics